Sunrise Bakery Ltd.

Commercial Bakery

Quality Baked Goods since 1963.

Commercial Bakery

Quality Baked Goods since 1963.

Million Brownies Baked a Year
10 +
million eggs used in our recipes per year
0 +
Dedicated Staff
50 +

Unmatched Service

Sunrise Bakery offers artisan quality and care paired with wholesale manufacturing coast-to-coast distribution capabilities. We are your wholesale baked good partners, providing you with the product delivery you need across the continent! We aren’t just a large-scale bakery, we are a food processing and manufacturing solutions provider!

We want you to have peace of mind as you work with us, knowing that we’ll always get you the products you need when you need them. Missed fulfillment rates isn’t in our vocabulary, if you need a quality Sunrise Bakery product, we’ll ensure it’s delivered to you in full, every time!

Product and Recipe Development

Take your product and recipe development to the next level. If you’re looking to sell baked goods or confectionery items at a greater scale, we’ll help you develop the perfect product. We have provided our research and development services to bluechip restaurant and grocery store brands across the continent.

Custom Food Manufacturing

Let us take care of your production and distribution of baked items to your stores or restaurants. We’ll ensure every item is produced and packed to the highest quality and that your order arrives in full and on time. With Sunrise, we’ll never short ship!

Product Variety

With decades of experience, Sunrise has a deep catalog of products and expertise which will allow us to meet your needs. We’ve produced bread and dessert products for grocery stores and restaurant organizations across Canada and the US.

Deep in Tradition

Sunrise Bakery began as a simple, door-to-door bakery in 1963. Over the decades the bakery has evolved from a neighborhood bakery to manufacturing for some of North America’s most recognizable food brands and shipping millions of units a year. What hasn’t changed, however, is Sunrise Bakery’s commitment to taking care of our customers and our staff members.

Our team of over 100 dedicated staff is committed to your success and goes above and beyond to make sure you receive your products on time and at the quality level you expect. Many of our team members have been with us for decades, and this is because we work together, as a family! No matter how large or small Sunrise Bakery has been, at our heart we are a family business who is built on hard work and quality service.

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