Sunrise Bakery Ltd.

Custom Food Manufacturing Solutions

Co-packing and Product Development

Are you looking to develop a cookie crust for your pies that you can just pull out of the freezer and bake? What about ensuring that every burger bun tastes the same across all your franchises? How about a brownie or hand pie that can be part of your restaurant’s dessert menu? Whether you’re looking for a baked component to a dish, or signature desserts and baked goods for your business, we’re able to assist!

We have worked with many businesses as their custom food manufacturer. Whether you don’t have the capacity to prepare your baked goods yourself, it isn’t your expertise, or you want to ensure that every product is consistent, Sunrise is here to help.

Our team is exceptional when it comes to producing quality goods and maintaining an organized plan for distribution and inventory management. Our combined experience and commitment to never missing fulfillment rates ensures that when you need your products, we’ll get them to you.

Ensuring that all your signature products are consistent across multiple stores or restaurants is difficult. By trusting Sunrise Bakery, we’ll manufacture your products in the same location to guarantee uniformity across your organization. We have the capacity to produce millions of units a year, so if you need a signature baked good for your restaurant group, consumer packaged goods, or any other need, we’re here to help!

Previous Work

We have worked with hundreds of well known brands to produce their signature baked goods and confectionary items. We have worked with Dairy Queen® for many years and are the sole provider in Canada of signature items. We have worked with Subway®, supplied Costco® with baked goods, baked items for Good Earth’s®, and we have supplied countless other products to multinational grocery stores and restaurants such as Sobeys and Safeway. And have conducted R&D for many other international food conglomerates that you love and trust.