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Sunrise Bakerys Ltd.'s Past and Present Relationships

Over the last 60+ years, Sunrise Bakery Ltd. has taken great pride in producing, selling, and distributing our products to many organizations throughout North America, some of those Companies are listed below. Last year, the company produced 50 different product lines, ranging from its decadent mini-cheesecakes to low-fat mouth-watering chocolate brownies, soft buttery dinner rolls, and much more!

Sunrise Bakery has carved a niche for itself in the food service sector by providing multinational corporations with quality service, filling their research and development needs, and ensuring their distribution networks are filled on-time and never short shipped. We are an extension of your company, providing you with access to the best inventory and distribution services available.

We work with our clients at the distribution and production levels, ensuring that key products are developed to the highest standards and shipped to locations across North America.

Our Clients