Sunrise Bakery Ltd.

Our Products

Over the decades, Sunrise Bakery has developed a robust catalog of baked good recipes and formulations. From decadent brownies to flaky cheese buns, and everything in between, we can prepare delicious baked goods to meet any need!

Every day we prepare thousands of items to send to our customers. Are you looking for a new bakery partner? We’re happy to work with you for all your bakery needs. Check out some of our most popular products!

If you have a vision for a custom product for your store or business, please check out our custom product development service!

Muffins and Loaves

Bite into a soft and delicious muffin that tastes just like grandma’s! We offer a wide variety of muffins and loaves for anyone’s flavor cravings! We can modify our recipes to suit your needs.Some of our popular flavors include blueberry, chocolate chip, banana nut, cranberry orange, and more!


Brownies are one of the products we’re best known for. The trick to a delicious, fudgy brownie is using the highest quality ingredients, the proper technique, and an amazing recipe – of which we have all three! If you need delicious brownies that will just melt in your mouth, give us a call!


Whether you want prepared and packed or unbaked cookies, we have you covered. We use the perfect ratio of ingredients to provide a cookie that’s crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside for the perfect bite every time! We have a variety of flavors to choose from, so offer your customers the best cookies available today!

Rolls and Buns

Whether you’re looking for pillowy dinner rolls, sweet and spicy cinnamon buns, or a savory cheese bun, we have you covered! Our rolls and buns taste homemade with the perfect texture, every time! We can make our buns and rolls in any flavor you need. Order the best buns available from Sunrise Bakery!

Dessert Inclusions

Add delicious cookie bits, brownie bites, oat crisps, pie chips and more to your ice cream sundaes, cakes, milkshakes and desserts. These baked and chopped inclusions offer miniature versions of your favorite treats to enhance your desserts in a delicious way! Contact us for all your inclusion needs.

Cake Components

We bake the fudgy cake centers you know and love from ice cream cakes. We’re incredibly proud to work with North America’s premiere ice cream brands to provide them with key parts of the delicious ice cream cakes that are beloved at birthday parties around the world. If you’re looking for your own cake center recipe, we’d love to help!